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Yemen, the return of the Wahhabis Yemen now stands in a state of free fall, very much alone and shun by the international community

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Then what? Well there is always control over the world oil route and Yemen’s natural resources. There is also this little matter called geostrategy and of course Saudi Arabia’s rampant hegemonic ambition …. But the answer could still lie beyond such considerations, while not excluding any of the above forementioned points.

There is a dichotomy in between what regional powers have said their goals are and the policies they have carried out on the ground. The faster we wrap all of our heads around this, the faster will we be able to peer through the thick propaganda screen.

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s main goal has always been control – control over Yemen’s oil resources, control over Yemen’s military apparatus, control over Yemen’s political and institutional life, control over Yemen’s geographic access and control over Yemen’s religious ideology.

To achieve such control, the kingdom has already proven it will stoop as low as targeting students as they sit for their exams, deploy illegal weapons of war against civilian populations or even organize a blockade in the hope hunger and desperation will induce civil unrest to its benefit.

Where does the Saudi train stop? More importantly when will the international community end its self-imposed blindness?

Do we draw a line at the exploitation of terror as a new weapon of social mass destruction and political engineering? Can we actually pretend that terror’s return to Yemen is a coincidence and not another arrow to Riyadh’s military strategy bow?

Let me put it to you this way. If Riyadh has been able, courtesy of Washington, to identify and target moving Houthi targets as they traveled unmarked in some of Yemen’s most remote regions, why is it that all intelligence agencies turn blind and deaf to terror radicals’ movements? It’s not like the Houthis are running with painted targets on their back  – rather that they are the only target worth having.

But here is where Riyadh might have miscalculated its reach in the region. Yemen is not another satellite of Al Saud Arabian empire. Yemenis happen to share in a common history, one rich with tribal traditions and tales of independence. Yemen has been a nation-state long before Ibn Saud imposed his legacy onto the Hijaz.

And while Yemen is indeed tribal at its core, its apparent fragmentation is merely an expression of its people’s political tradition. Tribalism is not necessarily a bad thing if framed within a democratic set up – merely another form of federalism.

It is this tribalism however which stands to blow up in Riyadh’s face and disappear whatever advances the kingdom imagined it secured. Because if many factions have agree to oppose the Houthis and do so alongside the Saudi coalition, few are willing to abandon their land to the control of Al Saud – not without a mighty fight.

And so as Al Saud armies advance north, they might soon turn to find themselves sandwiched in between two enemies. The war of the Yemen is far from over!


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