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Yemen and the radicalization of Southern Arabia From the onset of the war on Yemen, Saudi Arabia unilaterally proclaimed its desire to "liberate" the country from under the influence of the Houthis

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If from the onset of the war on Yemen back in March 25, Saudi Arabia unilaterally proclaimed its desire to “liberate” the country from under the influence of the Houthis to restore, Yemen’s political legitimacy in the person of once-resigned-twice-runaway President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Al Saud Royals most certainly failed to mention that their real agenda lied in opening up Yemen to a radical takeover.

For those who continue to be under the illusion that this war in Yemen aims to curtail the so-called Shia crescent and thus moderate Iran rising influence in the Middle East and most particularly the Arabian Peninsula, make no mistake, war capitalists only seek one thing – plant terror seed and watch it generate millions of dollars.

For neo-imperialists the world over, there is more money to be made in chaos than in peace. And since instability and extremism have so far played in perfect harmony with America’s war-mongering, acting a tidy self-fulfilling prophecy of horrors and bloodshed, while justifying military interventionism, why stop the train at Iraq and Syria?

Puppets in the hands of imperial America, Al Saud have too, fallen victim of their own political paranoia, prisoners of the evil upon which they weaved the seat of their powerhouse and regal legitimacy – Wahhabism.

The ideological fountainhead of what western powers call “Islamic radicalism”, Wahhabism has become a growing infestation within the kingdom, one calling and longing for a grand sectarian crusade against its self-designated enemy: Shia Islam.

And because Yemen had the gall to reject Riyadh diktat, preferring instead to join the nascent non-aligned pan-Arab resistance movement, the impoverished nation has found itself in the midst of a furious storm. Yemen conflict is of course multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Yemen’s geography and its natural resources for example have long been the source of much envy and it would  be missing a piece of the puzzle to refuse to acknowledge their role within this equation of war.

Beyond the desire to control Yemen’s inner riches and transform its territory into yet another base in this grand globalization game, let’s not underplay the role of the black plague – ISIS, in furthering this covert agenda.

One look at Saudi Arabia’s battle-plan in Yemen offers an interesting perspective; betraying the kingdom’s foremost strategic goals. If one were to assume that the kingdom is indeed intent on crushing the Houthis where they stand and reintroduce King Salman’s political pawn: Hadi, then why concentrate so much firepower in south Yemen, where the group has only limited traction? Why turn Aden, the former capital of South Yemen, into one of the main frontline of this war?

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