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Who fears Islam?

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Islamophobia as a phenomenon is nothing new. Fear and hostility towards Islam have deep roots in European societies. They date back to the VIII Century, when the irresistible expansionist drive of the Muslim Caliphs reached our shores. At the time, politics and religion where intertwined and Islamophobia was mere fear of foreign invaders. Later, Christian fury brought the Crusaders to the Holy Land, with the mission of ousting Muslim infidels, the ignoble usurpers (XI-XIII Centuries). During the XV Century, Christian fervour and a deep-felt hostility towards Islam drove the Spanish Reconquista. Then, economic and commercial preoccupation characterised the antagonism between European Countries and the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Today, the events of the 9/11 reshaped once again Islamophobia, bringing it to the verge of hysteria.

In today’s Europe, Islamophobia is tied to multiple factors: The rise of Da’esh (ISIS) and its proximity; the sporadic terrorist attacks as the one carried out against Charlie Hebdo (France), last January; the huge inflow of asylum-seekers from the Middle East. This last factor seems to bring the situation back to the fear of invasion cited earlier.

It is probably worth to have a look at statistics. At the beginning of the year, Filippo Poltronieri (‘The Post Internazionale’) noticed how European citizens have an altered perception of the Muslim presence in their Countries. In fact, reported Poltronieri, Muslims in Europe amount to 2 percent of the population. Strong disparities exist. For example, in France the percentage rises to 7, in Germany to 5.8, while in Austria, Belgium, Sweden and United Kingdom it is beyond the threshold of 4 percent. Eastern European Countries have small percentage, while Cyprus and Bulgaria reach 13.7 and 18 percent, respectively. Numbers seem to be rather contained. However, European citizens sensibly exaggerate the proportion. For example, in Italy, the estimate reaches 20 percent, while only 3.7 percent of our population is actually Muslim. Poltronieri related these altered perceptions with the success of xenophobic parties – like UKIP (UK) and Front National (France) – at the European elections held in 2014.

Non aver paura, lo chiamo libertà di parola

The data collected by Eurobarometer and released in a report on discrimination in the Union (October 2015) are even more interesting. The surveys were conducted between May 30 and June 8, in all of the 28 Member Countries of the European Union, on 27,718 respondents. They portray a complex picture of European citizens’ attitudes and perceptions about discrimination on grounds of religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual identity, sexuality, age and disability.

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Un’informazione che altri pagano perché ti venga data: non è sotto il Tuo controllo, è potenzialmente inquinata, non è tracciata, non è garantita, e, alla fine, non è Informazione, è pubblicità o, peggio, imbonimento.

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Pagare il costo di produzione dell’informazione, dobbiamo esserne consapevoli, è un diritto. E’ il solo modo per accedere a informazione di qualità e al controllo diretto della qualità che ci entra dentro.

In molti ti chiedono di donare per sostenerli.

Noi no.

Non ti chiediamo di donare, ti chiediamo di pretendere che i giornalisti di questa testata siano al Tuo servizio, che ti servano Informazione.

Se, come noi, credi che l’informazione che consumiamo è alla base della salute del nostro futuro, allora entra.

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