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Refugees, the faces behind the war on terror Faced with the oppressive rule of ISIL, entire communities chose exile

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Beirut – Tens of thousands of war refugees of late have attempted the crossing into Europe, desperate to flee the violence of war, and the terror ISIL militants have wielded against all religious minorities – Shiites, Sufis, Alawis , Yazidis, Sunni moderates, Christians etc – An open sectarian wound, both Syria and Iraq have been turn into a sanglant battlefield, reminiscent of the Crusades, only this time, all faiths stand to be burnt to the pyre of radicalism, as Wahhabism ambitions to absolutely impose its views.

Faced with the oppressive rule of ISIL, entire communities chose exile, opting for a life on the run rather than forced indoctrination and slavery under the Black Flag army. But who are those refugees of war, and what are their stories?

Today war refugees have been criminalized  – tagged as undesirables as clashes and reports of crimes began to surface in Europe. Earlier this January migrants were blamed for a series of attacks in Cologne, Germany, involving sexual violence. While experts, amongst whom Vanessa Beeley, an expert on the military and humanitarian complex, have warned against such broad generalization of war refugees on account such rhetoric only serves to fan tensions, media, and politicians have nevertheless played profiling to the tune of racist ideology.

“Lumping war refugees to violence, and to an extent the assumption that migrants are potential terror threats, will only further push Europe’s social and political narrative further right. This devolution and erosion of our humanitarian values are what will create a increasingly fascist, and therefore intolerant society,” said Vanessa Beeley.

For the most part refugees are really just that – refugees, desperate people looking for a safe haven away from the cruelties of war. Leenah Mohammad Haddad – Leenah was 18 when she reached Germany with her mother, father, two sisters and three cousins from Syria. Today she has resettled in the Netherlands where she hoped to become a doctor. “I want to get an education and be in a position where I could help others. Eventually we will all return to Syria, and our homeland will need to be reconstructed from the bottom up. I want to contribute to THAT future, I want to be part of the reconstruction movement and erase ISIL footprints from my land,” she told L’Indro in exclusive comments.

But if Leenah is safely home with her extended family, her crossing into Germany and eventually the Netherlands was not exactly smooth sailing. After Leenah and her family managed to cross onto Turkey – not without difficulty as Turkish police has been closely monitoring potential refugee movements, her group managed nevertheless to perform the journey safely.

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