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Massive immigration, linked to globalist ideologies, is faced with increasing suspicion in many countries, especially after the explosion of extremist Islamist  ideologies and Jihadist terrorism in the periphery of Europe and in Europe itself. The rapid progress of Islam in Europe is a matter of concern and becomes an important issue on the political agenda of many countries. It should be seen in this context, the impressive progress of the extreme rightwing  in Europe. In this respect , the open frontiers policy is looked upon by many in Europe as unrealistic and dangerous and even as suspicious. More concretely, as an instrument for destroying the national societies of Europe, under an illusive humanistic pretext.

Actually, the European Directive on Asylum is in full deadlock. The frontiers of many European countries are closed to both refugees and immigrants. The situation in Greece deteriorates from day to day and approaches the point of a dangerous explosion. Everybody hopes that a solution will be found in a few weeks , in the framework of the new  European summit conference with Turkey.

Nothing is sure, since Turkey exploits fully the advantage that is given to her by the open frontiers European policy. Both Greece and all European Union become the  hostage of Ankara for the solution of a problem which actually is originated in Ankara. Turkey has every interest to make as big as possible the problem of refugees and immigrants in order to ask bigger advantages  and concessions in exchange.

The concessions from Europe, which has already asked for are very difficult to be digested but nothing is certain also that the problem will be put under control, even at this high price. Turkey is well known for its bazaar negotiating tactics and will continue to ask always more and to conserve the problem for exercising always new pressures. Greece is in the most difficult position, since is a neighboring country to Turkey. The policies which are followed by the new Left Government for keeping open the frontiers, on the basis of the European Directive on Asylum, are self-defeating and suit excellently the Turkish strategy of making the problem of refugees and immigrants a bargaining chip with Europe.

The dramatic situation, which has been already created in the country and especially the creation of dozens of so called “provisional” installations though out the territory of the country, inspires anxiety and fear. It is seen as a colonization plan, under the guise of refugees and leads to the installation of massive  Muslim populations. There is deep wrath in the public opinion against this kind of invasion and against the government which sticks at this policy, in spite of the closing of the frontiers by other European countries. The policy opinion is already exasperated by the catastrophic economic policies and the lack of any clear hopeful perspective for the near future. It is faced with now with a new danger of destruction of the internal national and social cohesion and a fundamental geopolitical change in the Greek national space.

Definitely, the problem of open frontiers  to refugees and immigrants could become the catalyst for new conflicts and division in Europe, which could even put in question its very until and its perspectives.


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