Qatar allegedly supports Hezbollah terrorism, calls Jews ‘enemies’ A 'Fox News' report makes important revelations about the Qatari royal family and its arms deliveries to Hezbollah militants

European politicians call for an immediate crackdown on Qatar’s alleged support for financing international terrorism and, in particular, for the Lebanese extremist group Hezbollah. ‘Fox Newsreport revealed on Wednesday, after obtaining an overwhelming dossier on the royal family of Qatar and its arms deliveries to Hezbollah militants. A private security contractor, Jason G., entered the Qatar arms procurement business as part of an apparent security operation. Fox News said Tuesday, indicating that an “al-Thani royal family member” would have authorized the delivery of military material to Hezbollah in Lebanon, designated by the United States and the EU as a terrorist entity.

The dossier provides several documents demonstrating a direct link between a member of the Qatari royal family with arms suppliers in Hezbollah since 2017. According to the report, Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Suleiman al-Khulaifi, Qatar’s ambassador to Belgium and NATO, is also reportedly involved in suspected financing of international terrorism. According to the ‘Jerusalem Post, the diplomat allegedly offered a foreign adviser $879,805 to keep the details of Doha’s funding for Hezbollah secret.

The consultant at the center of the case, Jason G., told the Israeli newspaper that the Qatari ambassador al-Khulaifi paid him thousands of dollars in secret meetings. Also, Al-Khulaifi allegedly offered a much larger amount not to reveal the details of the relationship between Doha and the Lebanese terrorist group, which seems involved in the huge explosion that hit the capnital Beirut on Tuesday. The dossier edited by Jason G., already partially published by the German newspaper ‘Zeit’, has concrete evidence that money is flowing from the Gulf to terrorist groups and would increase pressure on Qatar and could lead to sanctions from the EU. The German newspaper also revealed that the consultant allegedly provided information on an arms deal from Eastern Europe managed by a company based in the Emir.
According to the German newspaper, the agreement between Jason G. and the Qatari diplomat al-Khulaifi has failed, despite an offer of 750,000 euros to silence the information, in part due to anti-Semitic comments made by Qatari officials during their meetings. “I made the first deal only because Qatar promised that it would put these financiers out of circulation,” said Jason G. The consultant was “horrified” by the anti-Semitic comments made by al-Thani family officials, referring to “Jews” as their enemies. The two reportedly discussed Qatar’s offer for a Hezbollah financing confidentiality agreement with their lawyers but the consultant allegedly told his Berlin lawyer not to sign the confidentiality agreement under any circumstances.
Jason G. had already contacted the Israeli embassy through his Berlin lawyer and offered his services to the Israelis, apparently precisely because of the anti-Jewish comments of Qatari officials. Doha is accused of financing terrorism by most of the Arab countries, in particular Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt, which broke off diplomatic relations with the Emir as early as 2017. Doha, along with his allies Ankara and Tehran, is exerting considerable pressure on Lebanon, Israel, and other Arab governments through the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, and other terrorist entities active in the region.