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Paris terror attacks encourage closer Us-Russia ties field_506ffbaa4a8d4

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The two rounds of Syria talks in Vienna haven’t yet achieved any results except the agreement to compile a coordinated list of terrorist groups _ the task that may never be fulfilled. The United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other players involved in the conflict all have different visions of who should be considered a terrorist.

While all nominally agree that it’s necessary to fight the main threat, the ISIL, unity ends here. Since the start of the Syrian conflict, toppling President Bashar Assad’s regime has been the main goal of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which saw it as a way to curb the influence of their main rival, Iran. The United States, France, Britain and others have all subscribed under the goal of outsing Assad, and even though they realize now that the strategy has failed and the removal of the Syrian president could now entail even a worse chaos and bloodshed, they can’t publicly disavow their policy without losing face.

Turkey, while it also wanted Assad out, now sees the Kurdish militia in Syria as the main enemy. For the United States, however, the Kurdish militia is a key asset for fighting the ISIL. Russia, in its turn, points that while the ISIL is a top threat, other militant groups whom the West touts as “moderates” are terrorists just as cruel and brutal as the Islamic State. With such sharp differences in opinion, it’s hard to imagine how parties to the Syrian talks may reach a compromise.



The brutal attacks in Paris may strengthen Putin ’s hand in Syria talks, as it has demonstrated the growing threat posed by the IS. It may also become obvious to the French government and others that other Islamist militant groups in Syria may be just as potentially dangerous as the Islamic State even if they are named differently _ something that Russia has said for a long time. It may be politically awkward to acknowledge that the U.S. policy on  Syria has been badly flawed, but it appears that Washington, and particularly EU nations, may now show a desire to toughen their attitude to the entire spectrum of Islamist groups in Syria.

That may eventually fascilitate the search for a compromise in Syria peace talks. The U.S. and its NATO allies may now be more open to potential cooperation with Russia on military action against the IS. If Obama shows goodwill, Putin could make it easier for Washington by downplaying the importance of the U.S. turnaround.

For the Russian leader, normalizing ties with Washington is far more important than posing as a winner in Syria. There are already signs of warming up. While the White House said before the G-20 summit in  Antalya, Turkey Sunday that Obama wasn’t planning to hold a meeting with Putin, they did meet and spoke for more than half-hour.


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