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Paris terror attacks encourage closer Us-Russia ties field_506ffbaa4a8d4

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Moscow – Among many other consequences, the terrifying terror attacks in Paris may achieve one important result: help mend the fractured ties between Moscow and Washington. Ever since the start of the Ukrainian crisis, the United States has sought to punish Russia by trying to politically isolate it and slam it with economic sanctions. While the U.S. and the EU sanctions have contributed to Russia’s economic downturn, they failed in its declared goal of forcing the Kremlin to change its course.

And political isolation hasn’t worked either, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and other Western leaders argued that it’s necessary to communicate with Moscow to avoid an even worse crisis. With the start of Russia’s air campaign in Syria, Moscow has managed to shift attention away from Ukraine and increase its global clout. Now, the terror attacks in Paris will help Russia further raise its profile as the West will need Moscow’s help in combating the Islamic State.



During a month-and-half of its air campaign in Syria, Russia has proven its efficiency in combat. Even though Putin only sent just three dozen warplanes to Syria, they have flown some 2,000 sorties,  just a few hundred less than a much bigger U.S.-led coalition force has flown in a year. The U.S.-led campaign has brought no visible results until recent days, when American planes scores some high-profile hits.

On some days, each Russian jet flew three combat missions a day, a heavy load that placed high demands on both aircraft and pilots. And while the Russian claims of destroying terrorist targets can’t be independently confirmed, the Syrian activists’ claims of collateral damage also appear thinly-sourced and overstated.

Putin has clearly given his military an order to avoid civilian casulaties as much as they can. Russia’s Defense Ministry has said that its aircraft has avoided targeting populated areas and only struck confirmed terrorist facilities, such as ammunition depots, weapons storages and fuel tanks. After proving his military’s worth in real combat, Putin can now play a more important role in Syria-related diplomatic maneuvers.

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