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On Europe’s war refugees crisis and the engineered rationale of war in Syria  For well over a decade NATO has arguably run a grand campaign of destabilization

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Beirut – For well over a decade NATO has arguably run a grand campaign of destabilization. From North Africa to Central Asia several continents have fallen to NATO’s web; the victims of democratic exports, national security terminologies and other modern niceties. Today wars have paved the way for a mass exodus – the result of NATO’s colonial campaign, the inevitability of a political rationale which now stands to collapse entire regions.

The Influx is Engineered

Evidence suggests that the latest influx of refugees is more than a mere predictable consequence of destroying entire regions of the planet with war and state-sponsored terrorism. In Turkey, where the US, EU, and Ankara itself have inexplicably invested billions of dollars in the construction of refugee camps of unprecedented scale, reports indicate that torrents of refugees have been intentionally organized and sent onward to Europe. The International New York Times’ Greek Kathimerini paper, in an article titled, “Refugee flow linked to Turkish policy shift,” reported: “A sharp increase in the influx of migrants and refugees, mostly from Syria, into Greece is due in part to a shift in Turkey’s geopolitical tactics, according to diplomatic sources. These officials link the wave of migrants into the eastern Aegean to political pressures in neighboring Turkey, which is bracing for snap elections in November, and to a recent decision by Ankara to join the US in bombing Islamic State targets in Syria. The analyses of several officials indicate that the influx from neighboring Turkey is taking place as Turkish officials look the other way or actively promote the exodus.”

The Welcome Parties Are Engineered

It is clear that huge torrents of refugees and migrants are being intentionally brought into Europe to augment an already very real migrant crisis, in a manner designed specifically to provoke emotions – fear, hatred, hysteria among the far-right, and irrational sympathies among the far-left.

To expand upon those emotions, many European governments – many of whom have directly contributed to the wars that have driven many of these migrants from their homes to begin with – have instituted intentionally permissive immigration policies designed not only to provoke fear and uncertainty among insecure, xenophobic European populations, but to encourage migrants to continue streaming in, even those not affected directly by Western wars, invasion, occupation, and proxy terrorism.

The same special interests that have engineered the wars and devise policy for sitting European governments, are also cultivating far-right groups like Pegida in Germany and the English Defence League (EDL) in the UK. These groups consist of literal Neo-Nazis, with Pegida’s leader, Lutz Bachmann, caught literally dressed like Adolf Hitler – the Nazi leader who led Germany to its utter destruction during World War II. Such groups also consist of more “muted” racists and bigots, and in addition to them, a growing number of xenophobes driven into hysteria by demagogues and daily media sensationalism. It should be remembered that the extremists and terrorists Pegida and the EDL warn against, are in fact the intentional creations and perpetuation of the very same corporate-financier and political interests that support far-right racist organizations in the first place. That such extremists consist of a fraction of 1% of all Muslims on Earth doesn’t matter to them.

Pegida, the EDL, and their affiliates in America and across Europe are run and supported by many familiar names among the Neo-Conservative pro-war establishment – special interests whose policy think-tanks represent some of the largest defense contractors, equity firms, engineering contractors, and financial institutions on Earth – and the same handful of interests that have propped up state sponsors of terrorism including Saudi Arabia for decades.

What is taking form is a controlled strategy of tension, where far-right groups are being arrayed against the migrants and their European supporters, to create hysteria and eventually violence that will be leveraged by those who orchestrated it. But leveraged to what end?

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