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Lavrov and the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation army from Cyprus Athens

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Athens – The visit to Nicosia, of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in the context of the mounting tension between Turkey and Russia, was an occasion of the Russian Minister to put emphasis on its policy on Cyprus, which steadily opposes the occupational and partitionist policies of Ankara, under the guise of a so called bizonal federation of “political equality”. This “equality” actually means the subjugation of the Greek majority to the Turkish- Cypriot minority and ultimately to Ankara.

The strategic importance of Cyprus is obvious to everybody under the present crisis and conflict in Syria and Iraq. By its geographical position, Cyprus is regarded, in geopolitical terms,as an unsinkable aircraft-carrier just off the coast of the Middle East. This was the real reason for the British stubbornness to keep a presence in Cyprus, even after loosing all the empire.

The cold war antagonism did not help Cyprus to achieve and to keep its full independence. The American policy was too anxious to keep strategic control on Cyprus, in cooperation with Britain, but also with NATO member Greece and Turkey, the two motherland countries of the Greek – Cypriot and Turkish – Cypriot communities. In this respect, the American policy was not, unfortunately for the Greek- Cypriots, very objective and impartial.

The strategic importance of Turkey as a frontier country with the Soviet Union and its pivotal role between Europe and Asia, as well as its sizable population and its Muslim character, were important factors for a partial American policy on Cyprus, so that Ankara to be friendly and satisfied. There is ample proof today, based on American documents, that the USA were actively involved in the tragedy of Cyprus in 1974, which resulted to the occupation of 34,7% of Cyprus by Turkish troops. On the occupied areas of Cyprus, it has been declared, in 1983, an illegal so called state, which has been condemned by the Security Council.

An effort has been undertaken , in 2004, to bring about a solution of the problem of Cyprus, based on the so called Kofi Annan Plan. This plan was rejected by a crushing majority of nearly 76% of the Greek population of the island, which constitutes the 80% majority.

The reason for its rejection was its unjust, unequal and not viable character. Under this plan, providing for a “ bizonal federation” of two equal parts, the majority rule was put aside and the majority of the population was actually put under the control of the minority, on the pretext of “political equality”, which does not take into account at all the democratic principle of majority rule. In addition to this unjust and unequal arrangement, it should be underlined also that there is no any real autonomy in the Turkish- Cypriot minority. It is under the close control of Ankara. Under those circumstances, Cyprus would not have any real independence and sovereignty. It would be a subservient state to Turkey.

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