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Kutulas and the Eu racisms

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What is your opinion about the DGB’s press release (Confederation of German Trade Unions) supporting Greece and how do they treat Chancellor Merkel for her way of handling the Greek matter?

There are intelligent people and realists in both trade unions and German political parties. After all, Merkel and Schäuble are not the boogeyman anymore. They believe that Greece has to change and settle down, as Greeks have misappropriated public money, Delors packages, Santer packages etc.

DGB clearly supports our country. There are plenty of artists, businessmen, journalists who believe that Europe cannot be the same as Brussels’ bureaucracy. They believe in a more humane Europe. In Germany there are two kinds of people at this moment: the ones supporting the hard measures and the ones being against them.

Which is your opinion about the political situation in Greece and how does Germany treat Greece today on a political level? How do you believe that the Greek cultural policy is treated?

Greece is going through changes and I am happy for it. The bipartisan model of New Democracy-PASOK, which was responsible for the whole situation, hasn’t managed to last. Greeks have finally made the first step. I hope they will make the next one, as well, and exit Eurozone, which affected Greece financially and morally. At least, SYRIZA is the first Greek government with a Greek-friendly policy.

For “Brussels’ Europe”, where Germany has most power, SYRIZA’s Greece is nothing else but a system error. They do not want any Grexit. They want us in the game, but under their conditions. They want us to conform and regret. They have never been so racist; not even for Portuguese or Spanish people.

You are the founder and director of the first Greek Film Festival in Germany, which will take place soon for the first time. Theoretically, that is a political action through cultural diplomacy. What is the aim of this action and which are its cultural content and target group? Do you believe that such an action was also necessary in the past or only nowadays?

As far as our cultural policy of our country is concerned, someone has to finally start promoting Greek culture (ancient and modern) around the world. To support new artists, to open doors to several countries, to use great foreign artists for the promotion of modern Greek culture. Great things can be done without enough money. What is needed is a vision, a program and hard work.

There were several funded Greek cultural centers in a lot of countries which did nothing important. Let’s compare them with Cervantes or Goethe Institute. Where is the international emergence of our culture? We gave the rights to the Europeans to treat us like that.


L’informazione che non paghi per avere, qualcuno paga perché Ti venga data.

Hai mai trovato qualcuno che ti paga la retta dell’asilo di tuo figlio? O le bollette di gas, luce, telefono? Io no. Chiediti perché c’è, invece, chi ti paga il costo di produzione dell'Informazione che consumi.

Un’informazione che altri pagano perché ti venga data: non è sotto il Tuo controllo, è potenzialmente inquinata, non è tracciata, non è garantita, e, alla fine, non è Informazione, è pubblicità o, peggio, imbonimento.

L’Informazione deve tornare sotto il controllo del Lettore.
Pagare il costo di produzione dell’informazione è un Tuo diritto.
"L’Indro" vuole che il Lettore si riappropri del diritto di conoscere, del diritto all’informazione, del diritto di pagare l’informazione che consuma.

Pagare il costo di produzione dell’informazione, dobbiamo esserne consapevoli, è un diritto. E’ il solo modo per accedere a informazione di qualità e al controllo diretto della qualità che ci entra dentro.

In molti ti chiedono di donare per sostenerli.

Noi no.

Non ti chiediamo di donare, ti chiediamo di pretendere che i giornalisti di questa testata siano al Tuo servizio, che ti servano Informazione.

Se, come noi, credi che l’informazione che consumiamo è alla base della salute del nostro futuro, allora entra.

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