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Illegal Immigration and refugees a new heavy burden for Greece and EU field_506ffb1d3dbe2

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Athens – The problem of illegal immigration and refugees, mainly from Syria, it is not a Greek problem. It is an international and more specifically a European one. But Greece is the main entry point. Following the statistics of the last months, out of the 218.000 persons, who entered Europe as refugees or illegal immigrants, the 210.000 entered through Greece.

The European Directive on Asylum and its full application imposed a policy of open frontiers, since the distinction and separation between real refugees and illegal immigrants is not practically easy to do. Following the European Directive, anybody who comes to the frontiers of a member country and asks for asylum should be allowed to enter the country. The research on its case and if he is really a refugee, will follow come  afterwords, through legal procedures, which require much time. In the meantime, all those candidates to the status of refugee should be welcome and accommodated.

This procedure it could work quite easily if the candidates were few persons. It is quite different when they are thousands and tens of thousands. The European policy of open frontiers, through this Directive on Asylum, creates a terrible problem for Greece. After the construction of a barrier on the frontiers of Greece with Turkey in Thrace, the main stream of refugees and immigrants moved to the Aegean Sea, transforming the eastern islands, especially those of Kos and Lesbos, to main immigration points with thousands arriving every day.

The change of policy of Germany gave new dimensions to this movement. There are many who see this change as an opportunity to enter Europe and to go to Germany. The refugee and illegal immigration problem became a very big problem for all Europe. Even within Germany, the reaction against this welcoming policy is rising.

Many other European countries, close down their frontiers and build up barriers. Greece, in spite of its economic problem, is under heavy pressure now to play a major role in containing this problem, in the form of accepting the creation of many “hot spots”, welcoming centers for the “provisional” accommodation of refugees and illegal immigrants. Anybody understands that in the face of the negative reactions in nearly all the other European countries, there is a real risk for Greece to see many hundred of thousands and even millions of those illegal immigrants and refugees to stay within its own frontiers, with all the obvious repercussions on its national and social cohesion and national security.

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