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Greece: state of siege for the government Social uprising against new austerity measures

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Athens – The Left government in Greece is going through a tremendous social upheaval. The reason is not that is following any extreme left policies. On the contrary, the government is trying to introduce in the parliament extreme neoliberal bills required as a prerequisite by the troika of Institutions (European Central Bank, European Commission, International Monetary Fund ) for liberating a new part of the loan, offered to Greece, in the framework of a new memorandum for the management of its foreign debt.

The government prepared a scheme in the purpose to ensure the viability of the Social Security System. There are in the system very big problems, in the form deficits, which  put in question its viability in the following years. The Funds of Social Security have been affected very heavily by the economic crisis that the country is going through for the 6th successive year.

First of all, it has been affected by the cut of the foreign debt, four years before. More than 40% of this haircut concerned actually Greek banks and Greek social Funds. The austerity policy has also devastated the social landscape through an unemployment  of 27% ,25% fall of the gross national product, emigration of Greek enterprises and lack of any perspective for economic recovery and development.

The troika of the Institutions, in spite of this terrible  social situation, is continuing the same austerity policy and puts pressure for more cuts in social spending and introduction of so called “reforms” , for achieving a fiscal balance, without deficits. Taking into account the fact that 12 cuts of the pensions have already taken place, the government did not want to make another one and to break its promise that no further cuts will be made to the pensions. At the same time, looking for an alternative way, turned to the farmers and the liberal professions. The minister for work and social security Katrugalos presented a bill that put on fire the social landscape. There is real revolt on the part of the Greek farmers, the liberal professions and the small and medium enterprises and they have indisputable arguments.

Following the bill, those social categories are asked to pay: 25% tax on their annual income. Another 25%  tax in advance for the next year, 25% for social security , plus the tax ENFIA (ΕΝΦΙΑ) for their apartment or any other real estate property, plus a minimum professional tax. Making the summary of those contributions, they are actually asked to pay more of 80% of their income in taxes and other contributions. It is evident that the reasoning behind this kind of bills is to get out of business farmers, liberal professionals and small and medium business.

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