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The Prime Minister puts forward as its main argument the lack of a real alternative to this policy and the necessity to face the immediate danger of bankruptcy of the country. He points out also that the new agreement ensures the financing of the economy for three years and lets open the door for some kind of restructuring of the debt. On this basis, he tries to convince his comrades to keep the unity of the party and safeguard the remaining in power of a Left government.

The Left Platform tendency, which it represents about a third of the influence of the party, calls for a meeting of the Central Committee and for a congress. It is to be noted that 109 members of the Central Committee out of 201 members, have already taken position against the agreement. This relation of power within the party, limits the room of maneuvre of Alexis Tsipras for taking disciplinary measures against the dissidents.


New Elections in Autumn seem inevitable.

Under those circumstances , new elections in Autumn seem as the only outlet from the present political impasse. The supporters of Alexis Tsipras indicate that there is a discrepancy between the old SYRIZA party, which represented a very small percentage of 4% and the new SYRIZA of 35% the result of the last elections. The Central Committee and the several tendencies of the party, do not represent the new “social” SYRIZA of 35%. The supporters of Alexis Tsipras affirm, on this basis, that, in the case of new elections, Tsipras will unite around him a large Left- Center majority of the electorate.

There is some truth in this allegation. Nevertheless, there is also a terrible disappointment among those who voted in favor of SYRIZA and “no” in the referendum and they are faced now with the same policy of harsh austerity.

Opinion polls recognize that in the case of new elections the Left Platform could win a 12% of the  electorate. The present coalition government will have much difficulty to obtain a majority and will be obliged eventually to look for a third coalition partner or to accept some kind of national unity or special purpose government. In the meantime, the economic situation has been made worse. The opening of the banks is limited yet and the recession has climbed up again to 4%.

Following credible reports, 60.000 Greek enterprises are preparing to leave Greece for Bulgaria, looking for a lower tax route (10%) and for going around the difficulties, which have been created to the economy, following the closing of the banks and the capital controls.

Unfortunately, there is yet a long way for the return to normality. The Greek society and economy is going through a severe austerity since 6 years and has no more reserves of money or patience for facing stoically the new austerity program. The inevitable strong political opposition and protest do not facilitate of course the completion of the negotiation on the new loan and the application of the associated program. Inevitably, rises high also the Euroskepticism, which is no more marginal.


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