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Athens – The all night session in the Greek Parliament on last Wednesday , it was a critical test of the capacity of the Government to pass through the preliminary requirements for obtaining from the ESM the new loan of 86 billion  euros and stabilizing for the moment the terrible economic situation.

Among the preliminary conditions to be voted by the Parliament was the famous idea of the German Economic Minister Wolfgang Schäuble  to create ,a new Fund, in which to be deposited for privatization and selling public property of Greece up to a value of 50 billion euros. It was also the preliminary condition for changing the Justice code, concerning especially the confiscation of private property for debts.

Another difficult preliminary condition, concerning the taxing of farmers, was postponed in order to facilitate the voting of the two previous already very difficult conditions. The parliamentary procedures were carried out in a heavy political climate. The President of the Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou, a member of the SYRIZA governing party, questioned the extraordinary procedure as violating the parliamentary and democratic rules. In a letter to the Prime Minister and a letter to the President of the Republic, she made known her opposition and denounced the proposed bill as nearly a coup d’etat against the constitutional order and the people’s sovereignty.

Nevertheless, the bill was passed by a larger majority of 220 votes. This number of votes represents also the votes of the opposition parties ( New Democracy, PASOK, and Potami), which supported the Government, on grounds of supporting the stay of Greece in the Eurozone.

On the contrary, it  was confirmed once more the profound division of the governing SYRIZA party. About 37 deputies, who represent the Left Platform tendency, did not vote in favor or they abstained. The Government finds herself in the curious position to have the support of the opposition parties but not the support of a considerable number of its own deputies. The coalition party ANEL of Panos Kammenos remains firm in support of the Prime Minister.

The Left Platform deputies denounce the Prime Minister for submitting to the blackmail of the creditors and accepting a new agreement which by the standard of the previous “Memorandums” , is even worse and is giving no exit solution from the crisis, especially as far as concerns debt. They denounce more specifically the violation of the national and popular sovereignty, the more recession that the new harsh measures are going to bring to the Greek economy, the selling out of the national wealth and the lack of any real perspective for the development and reconstruction of the economy.

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