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Free Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr Since King Salman  took to the throne in January 2014, his reign has been colored red with the blood of innocence

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In truth this new law allows for the authorities to also persecute those people the state has labelled as non-believers, those Riyadh calls its enemies of the state. The legislation considers a terrorist anyone who calls for atheist thoughts in any form, or calls into question the fundamentals of the religion devolution on which this country is based – Wahhabism.

Saudi Arabia is a violent, murderous regime and yet world leaders continue to indulge its leadership, their lips sealed and their eyes shut to the billions of dollars the kingdom has thrown at them.

We want to break the silence! We want human dignity and justice to mean something again. We call for a grand mobilization against the vile rule of Al Saud. I call on the authorities to demand that Ali Mohammad al-Nimr, a boy sentenced to death by beheading and crucifixion be pardoned and freed at once! We call for justice! We call on you the public to stand with Ali Mohammad al-Nimr, now that his country has forsaken him! We are asking for all governments to halt any weapons sales to Saudi Arabia until they remotely comply with any human rights standards. We call on you all to do the right thing!

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr is a teenage boy caught in the eye of a furious sectarian storm. Ali Mohammad was arrested and brutalized for he is a Shia Muslim in Saudi Arabia. Ali Mohammad was tortured and robbed of his childhood innocence for he dared dream that he could live free in a country ruled by murderous theocrats. Ali Mohammad’s death sentence really is a sentence against all Saudis. Through him Riyadh hopes to silence and subdue an entire people. Ali Mohammad is not just another Shia Muslim in Saudi Arabia, HE IS SAUDI ARABIA, he is innocence and hope, he is the future of a nation which can still hope and pray for freedom and justice.

Ali Mohammad represents everything Saudi Arabia wants to destroy – through him the kingdom wants to silence a nation and a faith … Ali is our son and he is your son. Ali is our hope and he is your hope. Ali is our compounded innocence. And if we do nothing we are no better than his jailors, we are no better than those monsters who continue to imagine themselves grander than justice and holier than God.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia are the monsters of this story – our story. They are the evil you warned your children against. They are intolerance and hatred … they are all which is dark and vile. How long will Islam and its people remain enslaved to the aberration which is Wahhabism?

Wahhabism is not of Islam and Islam will never be of Wahhabism! Wahhabism is the terror you have failed to recognize. Can you not see? Can you not see that with Ali Mohammad’s death is it us who are condemned?

Will you finally wake up to the evil which now reflects in the deeds of the kingdom now that it condemned this innocent boy to a fate so cruel, and so completely barbaric that words fail to describe its darkness? Because Ali is a Shia, they didn’t care he was just a boy! Because Ali Mohammad is the future they sought to extinguish his light.

We say STOP Saudi Arabia! We say give us our boy back! We say give us our humanity back! If Liberty and Freedom are indeed values you honor and share, then stand up and cry freedom. Break the silence.




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