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False optimism on the ongoing intercommunal talks in Cyprus? Athens

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There is no any indication that Turkey has changed its policy on Cyprus. On the contrary , is maneuvering for including in the agenda of the intercommunal talks the natural gas, which has been found in the Exclusive Economic Zone in the South of Cyprus. In this respect, Turkey has great ambitions for the whole area of the Eastern Mediterranean. The present Russian intervention in Syria uncovered the magnitude of the plans of Turkey, in alliance with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to create a puppet state in Northern Syria, Ankara used a pretext the “ protection” of the small minority of the Turcomans at the example of the Turkish- Cypriot in Cyprus.

Turkey has been profoundly involved  in the Syrian conflict and cooperated closely in presenting the djihadists of the Al-Nusra and other extremist Islamist organizations as “moderate” fighters of the Free Syria Army, who oppose the Assad regime. At the same time Tayip Erdogan declared war on the curds of Syria but also on the curds of Turkey.

All interested parties on Cyprus, among them London and Washington, which exercise a decisive influence on the Representative on Cyprus of the UN Secretary General, point out the Turkish elections in November as a crucial date for the perspectives of the intercommunal talks in Cyprus. It is not the first time that scenarios are presented on Cyprus, based on Turkish elections.

The antagonism between Erdogan and the Army was presented in the past as crucial for the evolution of the Turkish policy, including the policy on Cyprus. The present involvement of Tayip Erdogan, in such an Islamist policies in Syria and Iraq provoke surprise and consternation, taking into account that Turkey is not constitutionally an Islamist state.


There are many obstacles ahead on the road towards an acceptable solution in Cyprus.

The false optimism on a pretended coming  solution in Cyprus is a propaganda trick for the promotion of an unacceptable “solution” , based on the previous Kofi Annan plan, which was rejected by 75% majority by Greek- Cypriot people, who constitute the 80% majority of the people of Cyprus.

Unfortunately, there are yet big obstacles on all major issues. The bizonal philosophy that the Turkish side wants to impose on everything, coupled with the “political equality” between the Greek majority of 80% and the Turkish minority of 18% that the Turkish side puts in numerical also terms, does not leave much room for real progress. The “political equality” could result, under such circumstances , to the subjugation of the big majority to the minority and through this minority to Ankara, which exercises full control on the Turkish-Cypriots. In other terms, instead to find a solution to the problem of the Turkish occupation, the whole of Cyprus could go under the strategic and geopolitical control of Turkey.

This is something unacceptable and could put in danger the very future of the Greek- Cypriots in Cyprus. The rise of international tensions in the area make more difficult the search and the perspectives of an acceptable solution in Cyprus. Apart the geopolitical and strategic antagonisms in Syria and the specific problem of the Islamist djihadism, the energy resources of the Eastern Mediterranean come also on the international political scene and constitute a new ground of cooperation but also of competition and antagonism. Cyprus is well within and part of this problem.


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