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Ethiopia: young Somali soldiers used against their will to fight in Tigray against the TPLF The involvement of Somali army units that were in Eritrea for military training demonstrates that the attack on Tigray was planned long before the famous casus belli


After clear evidence of the presence of the Eritrean army in the conflict in Tigray, there is now evidence that the Federal Government of Addis Ababa also used Somali army units as mercenaries to fight the TPLF. The news has been reported by the Somali newspaper ‘Somali Guardian‘ in a detailed reportage which reports the names of the Somali soldiers who died in Tigray. The news, which is going viral on the net, finds no denials or confirmations from the Ethiopian government which is enclosed in an embarrassing silence. Only the Somali government reacted to the news by denying it.

According to the investigations carried out by the Somali newspaper, about 2,500 regular Somali soldiers present in Eritrea for military training were transported to the border with Ethiopia a week before the attack on Tigray (which took place on November 3, 2020). The Somali contingent would have entered Tigray on 4 November together with the divisions of the Eritrean Defense Forces which would have assumed operational command over the Somali officers.

After completing military training at the Anseba training camp, I and thousands of fellow soldiers were transported by bus to the Ethiopian border on November 1st. Only when we arrived at the border did one of our officers inform us that we had to participate in the imminent war against the TPLF in Tigray ”, testifies a Somali soldier who has returned home.

Two other comrades who returned to Mogadishu confirmed the testimony by adding that Somali units were sent to the front line in front of Eritrean troops and Ethiopian federal soldiers to break through enemy lines held by the TPLF. “They tore us apart. We died like flies on which insecticide is sprayedon. They used us to exhaust the resistance of the Tigrinya soldiers and to make them waste ammunitions. We were forcedto retreat after suffering huge losses. After that, other waves of attackers followed: the Amhara militias and Eritrean soldiers. Only when the Tigrinya resistance was suppressed at the cost of heavy casualties, those cowardly Ethiopian feds advanced to kill in cold blood the wounded or surrendered TPLF soldiers. They used us as cannon fodder ”. This is the testimony received from a Somali soldier who survived protected by anonymity as he deserted and is now in Sudan and is wanted by the authorities of Mogadishu.

The Somali Guardian has published (with the prior consent of family members) the names of some Somali soldiers who fell in the hell of Tigray: Ibrahim Dini, Saed Adan, AbdullahiMumin, Nunow Madkery, Maslah Ali. Private Ahmed (invented name as is a deserter) told the Somali newspaper that Eritrean authorities arrested 30 of his comrades at the Anseba rei training camp for refusing to carry out the orders received from Eritrean officers while their officers were suffering. Passively.

According to the testimonies of a dozen deserters, the young Somali soldiers who had gone to Eritrea to be trained and returned to their homeland to fight the Islamic terrorists of Al-Shabaab found themselves fighting in Tigray without the possibility of being able to refuse. Behind the waves of attack by Somali soldiers would have been stationed by the Ethiopian federal heavy machine guns ready to mow down the soldiers who tried to return back. A tactic used by the Ethiopian Federals during the trench warfare against Eritrea when they sent thousands of Oromo youths to their deaths, forcibly enlisted after receiving a week of summary training.

The Somali newspaper claims that the contingent of young recruits who were in Eritrea, forced to fight in Tigray, has been decimated. Out of 2,500 men only 500 would have survived.

The news of the involvement of these young recruits sent to the slaughterhouse is extremely important as it confirms that the conflict in Tigray was premeditated and studied in detail by the two main actors and war criminals: Isaias Afwerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali. We notice the crucial participation of two Amhara wardog: former Governor of the Amhara TemesgenTiruneh Region, promoted to the head of Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service NISS last November 8, 2020with the task of identifying TPLF sympathetic tiger cells in Addis Ababa and other regions. Agegnehu Teshager new governor of Amhara who would coordinate the cleaning ethnic groups of the fascist Amhara militias in Tigray, Benishangui-Gumuz and Al-Fashqa (Sudan) in order to incorporate these territories into the Amhara region.

According to the official version, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali was forced to send the federal army to Tigray when the TPLF attacked a barracks of the Northern Division. thusupsetting the casus belli. “The lie starts early in the morning and the truth only in the evening” quotes a famous proverb. Despite the control of the media, the state propaganda and the fake news orchestrated by the Nobel Prize for ‘War’ Abiy, he has not been able to hide the reality. The involvement of Somali army units that were in Eritrea for military training demonstrates that the attack on Tigray was planned long before the famous casus belli of November 3 as the young Somali victims were transported by the Eritrean army to the border with Ethiopia a week before the attack on Tigray and entered the Eritrean divisions at the same time on November 4, 2020. But what can we expect from a Premier who declares the final victory in Tigray on November 28 and on November 30 declares that no civilian was killed in Tigray?

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