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Ethiopia: a terrorist attack on the United Arab Emirates Embassy foiled. Fake News or reality? There are strong doubts that this is a fake news organized by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali to divert attention from what is happening in Tigray and the parallel crimes committed against the opposition in Oromia


Ethiopian counter-terrorism forces yesterday may have avoid an attack on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in Addis Ababa by arresting 15 suspected members of a terrorist group not yet disclosed by the authorities. According to the Ethiopian authorities, the terrorist group intended to damage Ethiopia’s reputation.

The anti-terrorism operation was undertaken by the Federal Police, the security services and the Ethiopian Intelligence (NISS). During the operation, dozens of heavy weapons, explosives and documents were confiscated according official statement not yet verify. The Addis Ababa government reported that it worked in collaboration with the Sudanese secret services which allegedly thwarted another planned attack by the same terrorist group against the UAE Embassy in Khartoum.

The news was only picked up by the Turkish news agency, the Chinese one and The East African weekly of East Africa owned by the tycoon Aga Khan. The mainstream media are currently extremely cautious in reporting it as there is a suspicion that it is Fake News. They are awaiting more evidence from the Ethiopian government.

There are several mysterious holes in the news reported by the federal government. First of all, why did they not disclose the name of the terrorist organization? Second, I strongly doubt that the Ethiopian services at this moment will be able to collaborate with the Sudanese ones given that the respective countries are on the verge of war. A week ago the respective armies lined up with armoured divisions, missiles and heavy artillery batteries on the Sudanese Ethiopian border awaiting instructions on whether or not to initiate the conflict. There are strong doubts that this is a fake news organized by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali to divert attention from what is happening in Tigray and the parallel crimes committed against the opposition in Oromia. It should not be forgotten that Abiy for almost a decade was a first-rate framework within the government breakfast led by the TPLF and was involved in communication control, espionage and the creation of fake news” explains a well-known opponent Oromo in protected exile. from anonymity for fear of retaliation against relatives who remained in Ethiopia.

As the main international media have wisely decided, the news needs further clarification. It is recalled that the federal government in the ongoing war with Tigray has spewed an avalanche of fake news to prevent knowledge of the horrors suffered by the population and the crimes against humanity committed. The news of the heroic rescue of the Arab Embassy comes just as the international community in unison condemns the federal government for the war of aggression against Tigray, the crimes committed, the refusal of humanitarian assistance to the population. Yesterday a meeting was held at the UN Security Council to examine whether genocide is taking place in Tigray, as many UN experts now claim.

The war continues and the TPLF has made it known that it has the means, the men and the will to continue to fight and to defeat the Warlord Abiy Ahmed, his Eritrean allies and the fascist Amhara militias. Various sources of East Africa intelligence believe the preparations for a second Ethiopian Eritrean military offensive against Tigray where nearly 200,000 soldiers and the intensive use of bombing and chemical weapons against the population could be employed.

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