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Erdogan, mission to Cyprus

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The visit of Tayip Erdogan reminds who is behind the Turkish Cypriot leader and who is the real decision maker

The fact that Ankara stood aside and led a moderate Turkish Cypriot leader to be elected is a calculated move by Ankara, stemming out of the calculation that, following the concessions of the Greek side, which have been extorquated under foreign pressure, is now the right and mature moment for the imposition on Cyprus of a pro- Turkish solution.

This calculation takes into account the profits that would have Ankara from such a solution not only as far as concern the constitutional settlement and the reinforcement of the Turkish geopolitical presence in Cyprus but also in terms of Turkish participation and profits in the natural gas of Cyprus. Ankara expects also the removing of Cyprus as an obstacle in its relations with Europe and its transformation into a diplomatic asset, since the bizonal character of the eventual new Cypriot state would reserve an “equal” status to the Turkish Cypriots with a veto power as far as concerns the policy of Cyprus in the European Union.

The present international context, particularly the restoration of the Turkish- American cooperation towards, ISIS and the war in Syria, makes things easier for Turkey to pursue American diplomatic support on the Cyprus issue. The difficult economic position also of Greece weakens its diplomatic stand and facilitates the drafting of foreign scenarios for an express so called “solution” on Cyprus, which would be utterly unjust at expense of the Greek Cypriot majority of the island.

The cautions and calculated declarations of Tayip Erdogan during his visit in the occupied area of Cyprus, is an indication that a scenario for an express “solution” is under development. We have a repetition of the process which led to the so called Kofi Anan plan, in 2004, which was rejected by a crushing majority of 75,6% of the Cypriot people. Nicosia is asking for a more active role of the European Union, expecting that its involvement would be in favor of its principles and the acquis communautaire. Unfortunately, there is nothing certain in this respect and very often the weight of cynical diplomacy is much heavier than high principles and universal rights.


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