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Do You Know These Interesting Facts about Nissan Motor? Second Generation Nissan Note E Power gets a lot of attention due to its new power management system


The new Nissan Note has been given a key new feature that differentiates it from its predecessor model. It is now based on a hybrid platform in which the engine feeds power to the electric motors and the car runs solely on electric power.

This E Power system now gives complete electric power to the wheels. This is rather different than the conventional hybrid automobiles in which the electric motor is paired with the gasoline run engine to produce energy to run the car in the case where the vehicle is run at high speeds or the batteries are low on charge.

Nissan has based the vehicle on their new full electric motor drive model in which there is a much smaller powertrain which includes an inverter, motor, power generator, and a gasoline engine. This powertrain gets power from a battery that is high output. This is a main difference between other hybrids and the E power platform which has a high output battery.

There is a much similarity of this motor platform with that of the fully electric vehicles in the market. The main similarity is that in both the vehicles, the wheels are run on power provided by the battery. The main difference between those is that the E Power has a conventional gasoline powered engine that helps in the charging of the battery as it gets used while the Electric Vehicles only rely on the charge of the battery and no gasoline powered engine is found on the vehicle.

Automakers have been working on a lot of power platforms that are similar to that found in the Nissan E Power. The main hurdle all of them faced is that this type of system needs to be supported with a much powerful battery and a motor. This increases the size of both these components drastically and it was unimaginable to try and fit this technology in the compact car segment as it would completely go against the purpose of a compact vehicle.

Recently Nissan has been able to bring in innovation to this already present technology and design by creating a far more responsive motor that has increased control measures as well. They have also figured out how to minimize the weight while also keeping the energy management of the system as optimal as possible.

Other models from the automaker Nissan, such as the Nissan LEAF have been run on the complete Electric Vehicle platform but the new E Power system has an edge over them in some aspects. The battery of the E Power system is considerably smaller than that of the EV platform while the whole driving experience delivered by the Nissan Note E Power is pretty much like an actual Electric Vehicle rather than a hybrid. The launch and success of this new platform guarantees endless opportunities for Nissan in the years to come as this same system can be adapted in several other car models and segments.

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