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Reshuffle of government. New elections most probably in Autumn

The dissension in the ruling party, puts the Prime Minister in the delicate position to pass the Agreement in the Parliament with the help of the opposition parties, which support vehemently the stay of Greece in the Eurozone. This paradox cannot last for a long time.

The Prime Minister sent a message to his party colleagues that there is no other way out than elections if they persist on the same stand. He said that he cannot put in danger the process of the agreement , which has not yet come to an end. He led it open to proceed to a reshuffle of the government, in order to remove the opponents of the Agreement and to go afterwards in autumn, to new elections.

The opponents of the agreement make a distinction between the agreement and the Government. They do no oppose the Government and they do not put any problem of confidence. They just speak out their disagreement and their opposition to the agreement and they call the Prime Minister to withdraw his signature and to come back to what is considered by them the right policy against austerity. The division in the party is a profound one and is very probable to have, after the new elections, a second SYRIZA party. The advantage of Alexis Tsipras is that he can wage the new elections on the basis of a list of candidates that he can fix himself. In this way, he has the opportunity to make a more homogeneous party than the present, which is constituted by 11 tendencies.

Fortunately for Mr Tsipras, he has no similar problem with the other small ruling party of ANEL. The President of ANEL Panos Kammenos managed to impose discipline to his own deputies, in spite of the outcry for the new agreement.

He put forward the argument that this agreement is the product of a sheer blackmail and that there was not any real alternative. The breaking down of the Government would open again the door for the return of those parties, which bring the responsibility for the present catastrophic situation.

In the meantime, the closing of the banks, which brought a terrible blow to the Government, seems to come to an end, following the decision of the European Central Bank to increase the ELA and to support the liquidity of the Greek banks.

The multiplication of the declarations of foreign leaders concerning the necessity for lessening the burden of the Greek debt, as a prerequisite for a viable solution, is followed in Athens with much attention and hope.

In this respect, it has to be noted the stand of the IMF, the pressures exercised by the American side and more specifically by the American Finance Minister Jack Liou, who came in Europe, and by many European leaders, who recognize that there  is no hope in the new rescue program for Greece, if there is no early provision for reducing the debt, which is not, obviously, viable.


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