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The discovery of energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, for the moment in Cyprus, Israel and Egypt Exclusive Economic Zone, created new necessities for close cooperation and strategic convergences. A new element is a discovery in the Egyptian Exclusive Economic Zone of an enormous new gas deposit. What is your opinion on the developments in this field?

The energy sector is the most obvious area for cooperation in this tense area, of Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. The discovery of new energy resources can work as an incentive, to all countries, to come together and to find ways to exploit natural gas. Without peace, the management of the fields will be very costly. In the other hand, all infrastructures will be financed and built by the private sector. The danger (political and not only, like terrorism) rises the cost. OK, Eastern Mediterranean is not the North Sea, but all nations must find issues that can bring them together. And tripartite cooperation is a model that promotes this cooperation.

What is your opinion, more specifically on the policy of Cyprus in this field? Do you think that the intercommunal talks affect negatively the perspectives of new prospects in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone and of development in general of the Cypriot natural gas?

Ongoing dialogue between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriot is not an obstacle. Both communities agreed that the natural resources, like natural gas, will be assets of the federal government and these assets will belong to all citizens of the United Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus, legitimate government of the island -and the only recognized from the international community- has an energy policy and the discovery of this new very big gas field in the Egyptian Exclusive Economic Zone, helps this strategy. Oil companies renewed their interests to invest in Cyprus.

Do you think that the ongoing developments in Syria affect in any way the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and more specifically Cyprus?

Yes. I think that anyone understand way. Syria is a big country in a sensitive area and the collapse of Syria –that is the reality today- creates enormous problems. In Europe, the refugee’s problem is a front page story since summer, but Lebanon faces this problem the last four years. Syria is a real challenge for Europe, especially after the emerging of ISIS, a regime which is a direct threat for the European security. The big plan of Europe Union was to transform the Mediterranean Sea to a united trade zone, a single market. But unfortunately, we, the Europeans, forget that the North Africa and the Middle East is a very complex area, with a lot of problems, national myths, and prejudices. Time, a lot of time is needed to heal wounds. At the moment, the situation is unstable and that is not good for the economy. That’s why an initiative like tripartite cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt and Greece, Cyprus and Israel and hopefully between Greece, Cyprus and Jordan can be a game changer for the region.


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