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Behind the Rise of Donald Trump Donald Trump is not a surprise. The Simpsons already predicted his candidacy

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Paris – In the year 2000, American TV show The Simpsons made a joke, in which its writers applied their trademark formula of irony and observation, imagining that billionaire Donald Trump would become president of the United States and would have exited office by the year 2030. In this episode, titled “Bart to the Future”, Bart Simpson gets to have a look into the future. In his vision; he sees that his sister Lisa will be elected president, and that after her election, she will have to deal with a dire situation following the end of President Trump’s tenure.

The writers of The Simpsons are no ordinary writers. They mainly write ironic jokes on two levels: first, there is the cover of the joke; second, there is the meaning of the joke itself – with marked sarcasm, usually based on a deep observation of American society and/or of the world as it operates. In this, the paradoxes of our world and its incoherence provide The Simpsons’ writers with wonderful inspirations. The Simpsons’ joke about a Trump presidency follows that pattern exactly.

Given that the Unites States constitution limits terms for presidents, for Donald Trump to exit the White House in time for Lisa Simpson to be serving a first term as president in the year 2030, he would have to be elected to the post by the year 2020 at earliest and be reelected in the year 2024. Otherwise he would have to be elected in 2024 and serve one term only. If he is elected president next year, Donald Trump, who is leading in the polls of the Republican primary, would in reality beat that prediction, were it to come true, by at least one presidential term.

Donald Trump entered the race to the White House six months ago. Since then, he has led an aggressive and forceful campaign that has put him in the front-runner position; setting the tone of the election and its priority issues, with his many unorthodox thunderous declarations.

The man who fueled the Obama birth certificate controversy of the 2012 presidential election has so far led a masterful campaign from the political marketing point of view, in particular in terms of the results that he has achieved.

Donald Trump has taken direct aim at fellow Republicans, at the Democrats, at illegal immigrants, at the Mexicans, and at the Muslims. Since the beginning of the primary election, he has not ceased to make inflammatory remarks. In fact, he has exponentially increased the frequency and the magnitude of his attacks. And he has had positive poll after positive poll to encourage him to go for more controversy. Today, he is well poised to become the Republican nominee. In the general election, he has so far not been considered the potential winner, particularly because he would be considered too divisive a political figure for many people to vote for. But he stands quite a good chance to disprove such analysis, as his two potential Democratic opponents have weaknesses that the zealous and aggressive Trump could easily capitalize on.

Hillary Clinton’s name is tied to that of her husband, who remains a highly polarizing former president, aside from his charisma and the respect that many Americans still show to him. In addition, she served as secretary of state under President Obama at one of the worst times for American diplomacy in decades. Furthermore, her attitude on the campaign trail of the 2008 presidential election which pitted her against Barack Obama may easily be brought back to memories.

The other leading candidate in the Democratic primary, self-described socialist Bernie Sanders, has led a surprisingly successful campaign on the land of Uncle Sam. And the man is respected. But, in America, socialists are associated with the Soviet Union, communism, Joseph Stalin, and totalitarianism. Besides the fears that a Bernie Sanders potential presidency would stir in the hearts of many Americans who would mistake him for a communist, the country’s business leaders, who never shy away from interfering in politics through media control or direct campaign donations, would not spare an effort to bring his candidacy down in the general election. And Donald Trump has the means to capitalize on both factors.

The current US presidential election revolves around Donald Trump more than it does around any other person or issue. In fact, Donald Trump has himself become the top subject of discussion in this election. Today’s American politics are dominated by questions as to who can defeat Trump if he wins his party’s primary; how he would lead the country were he to make it to the White House; how he has managed to reach his current level of political success; the potential impact of his candidacy on American society; and the validity of his views.

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